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Pre Show Party METALLICA 2013 with Blackrock and AIFA

Pre Show Party METALLICA 2013 with Blackrock and AIFA






Alex Meister shares new single “Hard To Say Goodbye” with videoclip


Alex Meister shares new single “Hard To Say Goodbye” with videoclip
Brazilian guitarist Alex Meister, known worldwide for his work leading the bands Pleasure Maker and Marenna-Meister, takes up his solo career with the single “Hard To Say Goodbye”, which is available on all digital platforms, along with the video clip. .

“Hard To Say Goodbye” is part of Alex Meister's new solo project, which started in 2019 with the theme “Just Thinkin'About You” and will now continue. “Finally, I will continue with my solo project. Reviewing this material is the opportunity to give face and production, especially the songs from my first CD, which today I am capable of giving, providing the same energy and feelings that I had at that time”, explains the guitarist.

Alex Meister revisits his career from the beginning and rescues various themes that will be edited in a sequence of singles until completing a record. “My intention is to bring to the public songs that are not yet known, and reread others that are already known to the audience that I know. it has continued over the years ”.

With more maturity, Alex Meister is eager to present his work, who in addition to being a guitarist, also acts as a vocalist. Follow the artist on social media to learn more about his career and what the production of this new project is like.
Alex Meister - Hard to Say Goodbye (Official Music Video)
Alex Meister has been a guitarist for over 30 years and has been working as a teacher for just over 20. He played in expressive bands in Rio de Janeiro in the 90s, even performing at the opening of bands such as Savatage in 1998 and abroad, in side of Whitesnake, Motörhead, Queensrÿche, Saxon, Angra, among others. In 2020, he was elected one of the 10 best national guitarists by the public voting of the “Best of the year 2020”, a contest held by the renowned magazine Roadie Crew.

In his career, he edited five albums inside and outside Brazil; one instrumental solo (Alex Meister – “My Way” in 2011), three with the Hard Rock band Pleasure Maker (“Love On the Rocks” in 2004, “Twisted Desire” in 2008 and “Dancin' With Danger” in 2018) , the album of his recent project Marenna-Meister (“Out of Reach” in 2020) and is about to release the sixth album, resuming his solo career, in front of the vocals. In addition to guitarist, Alex Meister also acted as the main composer and producer in all these works. These albums were released and distributed in countries in North America, Europe and Asia by labels such as Spiritual Beast (Japan), Perris Records (USA), Steelheart Records (Italy) and Lions Pride Music (Denmark). In Brazil by Animal Records and GMSA Records.

Alex has also made guest appearances recording songs by other artists and bands such as Paradise inc. from São Paulo, in 2014, in a work with several guests such as American vocalist Mark Boals (ex-Yngwie Malmsteen) and sharing guitars with Edu Ardanuy (Dr. Sin), on the single "Secrets". And in 2016, with Argentinian vocalist Alec Michels, on the single "Sacrifício", a track that is part of his solo album "Marcado A Sangre". Due to this, Alex performed twice in Buenos Aires to promote this work and he gave interviews for websites and specialized magazines and, together with all the work, he also works as a technical reviewer of books on guitar methods for some Brazilian publishers.

Genre:  Hard Rock/ Glam Metal

Producer:  Alex Meister

Recording, mixing and mastering: Sidney Sohn

Artwork:  Dudu Bierrenbach


Photographer:  Eduardo Amayo

Alex Meister (vocal e guitarra)
Cris Gavioli (baixo)
L.A. Tilly (bateria)
Sidney Sohn (teclados)

For more on ALEX MEISTER visit the band's oficial SITEFACEBOOKINSTAGRAM, and YOUTUBE.

Invisible Control shares live video “Killing Others of Us (Live At Abril pro Rock)”


Invisible Control shares live video “Killing Others of Us (Live At Abril pro Rock)”
Formed during the quarantine of the COVID-19 pandemic, Invisible Control is a death metal supergroup that unites great artists from the brazilian heavy music scene. The band had its debut during the 6th edition of the “Roadie Crew Online Festival”, where they presented the single “Killing Other of Us”.

After captivating the audience at the debut show, he was invited to perform at the great festival Abril Pro Rock 2021 - online edition. Showing all the talent and energy in a repertoire of three songs, the band makes available on Youtube the video “Killing Others of Us (Live At Abril pro Rock)”.
INVISIBLE CONTROL - Killing Others of Us (Live At Abril pro Rock)
Featuring a blend of technique, aggressiveness, melody, and intensity without sticking to labels, Invisible Control has become a solid project that will continue the career beyond the pandemic era. It is one of the revelations of national death metal, which features a woman in front of the vocals, Daniela Serafim, Her vocal style is insane includes both growling and clean vocals. With lyrics that address political-religious issues, phobias and torments that afflict human beings, Invisible Control is one of the great bets of extreme metal.

The band is currently in the studio for the production of their debut album, which will feature eight copyrighted tracks, and is preparing for the release of the track "Behind The Wall of Sleep", a tribute to Black Sabbath, which is expected to be released to the end of 2021.
Genre: Death Metal

Producer:  Astronave Produções Artísiticas e Show Arte Produções

Videoclip producer: Show Arte Produções

Recording:  Abril pro Rock 2021

Mixing and mastering: Astronave Produções Artísiticas e Show Arte Produções

Artwork:  Alcides Burn

Photo:  Thiago Linhares
Daniela Serafim – Vocals
Wagner Campos – Drumms
Dennys Parente – Guitar
Marco Melo – Guitar
Marcos Flávio – Bass
For more on INVISIBLE CONTROL visit the band's oficial FACEBOOKINSTAGRAM and YOUTUBE

For more on REVERBERA MUSIC MEDIA artists, visit our official, FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM

Hatefulmurder premiere new official music video for "Santificado Seja o Meu Ódio" from latest album "Reborn"


Hatefulmurder premiere new official music video for "Santificado Seja o Meu Ódio" from latest album "Reborn"

The Brazilian extreme metal band, Hatefulmurder, released the official music video for the song “Santificado Seja o Meu Ódio” with exclusive premiere on Decibel MagazineLike most bands in 2020, Hatefulmurder was forced to press pause on their plans when the pandemic hit. Although “Santificado Seja o Meu Ódio” was released in 2019, the video could not be safely made until 2021. The song is the only track off 'Reborn' screamed in Portuguese, and is available for viewing on the Xaninho Discos YouTube channel.

“We thought of a clip where the aesthetic concept, as surreal as it may seem, could bring a little bit of the atmosphere of the music,” Burns says about the video. “The ability to transform negative feelings like anguish and pain into feelings of struggle and liberation. [It’s] always good to remember the ability we have as human beings to transform our realities and evolve together.

"Amid a whirlwind of fiery hair, Burns growls while backlit by a scarlet glow. Renan Ribeiro’s riffs blend Gothenburg melodeath with thrash and modern metalcore, achieving a dark atmosphere even before the video’s book-burning breakdown. Meanwhile, Felipe Modesto’s bass lines team up with drummer Thomás Martinoia’s rhythms to make mosh pits combust. The song is a great representation of Reborn‘s intensity and themes." - Decibel Magazine

HATEFULMURDER - Santificado seja o meu ódio (Official Video)
Hatefulmurder is a rising name in the extreme metal scene due to vocalist Angélica Burns' talent and vocal techniques. Currently the band continues to promote the album 'Reborn', released in late 2019. The album shows all the artistic experiences acquired over the years, and is an independent release, financed by the fans themselves through a crowdfunding campaign. A cohesive, strong and heavy album that marks yet another great moment in the band's career.

Founded in 2008 by Renan Campos, the initial idea was to mix modern thrash metal and death metal, showing the ability to create heavy music in Brazil. The name Hatefulmurder came from a term used by the Baltimore expertise to report that a crime is extremely brutal. Recently, vocalist Angélica Bastos participated in a video with the band SEPULTURA, alongside vocalist Fernanda Lira (CRYPTA) and Mayara Puertas (TORTURE SQUAD), which aired on the special "SepulQuadra"Check this here.

Hatefulmurder will remain focused on the next studio album, which will be recorded this year and released in 2022. The band also expects to support 'Reborn' with a pandemic-delayed tour of Europe.

1. Rise
2. Reborn
3. Lost Days
4. Spit Deception
5. Sentimentos Artificiais
6. You Are Not the One
7. Santificado Seja o Meu Ódio
8. Mindbreaker
9. Break Down the Propechy
Genre: Death Metal


Producer / sound engineer: Celo Oliveira

Recording, mixing, and mastering: Kolera Studio & Family Mob

Photographer: Alessandra Tolc

Line up:
Renan Ribeiro (guitarra e backing vocals)
Thomás Martin (bateria)
Felipe Modesto (baixo)
Burns (vocais)

For more on HATEFULMURDER visit the band's oficial FACEBOOKINSTAGRAM and WEBSITE.

For more on XANINHO DISCOS visit the oficial SITEINSTAGRAM and YOUTUBE

Desalmado brings somber sound with video for new single “Hollow”


Desalmado brings somber sound with video for new single “Hollow”

Brazilian death grind band Desalmado will come out with their video for “Hollow”, the second single off their new album — title and release date to be announced — on July 16th. “Hollow” features Argentinian singer Noelia Recalde, viewed as one of the most beautiful voices of the country's contemporary alternative music scene.

The soundscape we are met with when listening to “Hollow”, quite different from previous works by Desalmado, definitely marks an unprecedented point in the band's biography, as well as the aesthetics of the music video, with its somber, harrowing atmosphere. "This song took on the perfect lyrical contours in the face of a distressing period in my life", said vocalist Caio Augusttus.

The video was made by accomplished director Walter de Andrade, also responsible for the editing. In addition to images of the band playing in the studio, the video for "Hollow" features scenes with actor Valber Rodrigues: "It was the first video in which we felt the need to have someone interpret the lyrics of the song literally. We probably never had a song lyric which represented such personal suffering for all of us", said guitarist Estevam Romera.

The song, recorded at Family Mob Studio, was produced, mixed and mastered by Hugo Silva, who was also at the helm of the band's last three releases: ‘In Grind We Trust’ (2016), ‘Save Us From Ourselves’ (2018) and the ‘Rebelião’ EP (2020). "It was at Family Mob that we got to know the work of Noelia Recalde, who recorded some songs with Hugo. It was he who suggested we include some vocalizations by Noelia in 'Hollow' and it fit perfectly with the song's mood", said bassist Bruno Teixeira

Desalmado also has signed with the European label BloodBlast Distribution, which is powered by the alliance of Nuclear Blast and Believe, the leading company in digital distribution. 

DESALMADO - Hollow (Official Video) | XaninhoDiscos

Formed in 2004, Desalmado is today at the forefront of the national underground scene, being one of the most active and relevant bands today. Celebrating 17 years on the road in 2021, the band has accumulated great achievements in its history, with three tours in Europe and hundreds of shows in all regions of Brazil. 

Recently, Max Cavalera (Cavalera Conspiracy, Soulfly and ex-Sepultura) cited Desalmado as one of the highlights of the heavy music scene.

Check out the band's discography: 'Hereditas' (2008),' Desalmado '(2012),' Estado Escravo '(2014),' In Grind We Trust '(split album with the band Homicide, 2016)' Save Us from Ourselves' (2018) and 'Rebellion' (2020).

Genrê:  Death Grind

Producer / sound engineer: Hugo Silva

Mastering and Mixing: Hugo Silva

Recording studio: Family Mob Studio

Cover Artwork:  Jeca Paul

Photography:  Maya Melchers


Videography: Head Label Audiovisual

Line up:
Caio Augusttus (vocals)
Estevam Romera (guitar)
Bruno Teixeira (bass)
Ricardo Nützmann (drums)



To request an interview with DESALMADO, please contact Jéssica Marinho at Additional assets, such as hi-res photos, can be found HERE



Viscral rilis album kedua!





Kereta Rock and Roll POWERSLAVES Terus Melaju, Lagu

Bayang; Dirilis Ulang dengan Judul You Got Me

Jakarta, 10 April 2021 - Kereta rock and roll POWERSLAVES belum

kehabisan bahan bakar. Terus melaju, menembus batas, ruang dan

waktu. Kali ini, Heydi Ibrahim (vokal), Anwar Fatahillah (bass), Wiwiex

Soedarno (kibor) dan Agung Yudha (drum) meluncurkan versi orisinal

lagu "Bayang". Berjudul "You Got Me", liriknya full bahasa Inggris.

“Bayang” bersemayam di album ketiga POWERSLAVES yang bertajuk

"Kereta Rock N' Roll" (1998). Menempati urutan pertama dalam album,

trek ini bukanlah versi orisinal.

Saat masih berupa demo, “Bayang” berlirik bahasa Inggris. Namun,

sesaat sebelum rekaman, lagu tersebut diubah ke bahasa Indonesia

atas permintaan label rekaman yang menaungi POWERSLAVES saat

itu, Warner Music Indonesia.

"Alasan Warner saat itu mungkin lebih ke pertimbangan market

domestik aja karena saat itu lagu yang dipromosikan adalah "Amoral".

Ketika mereka dengar versi demo "Bayang", mereka tertarik. Hanya saja

liriknya minta diganti ke bahasa Indonesia," kata Anwar Fatahillah


"”Bayang” itu lagu industri rekaman. Awalnya memang sudah "You Got

Me" karena syair awalnya memang sudah begini: 'Yeah babe you got

me..." Namun, industri rekaman biasanya mencari yang save untuk

penikmat. Karena itu, diubahlah syairnya sehingga menjadi lagu

"Bayang"," timpal Heydi Ibrahim.

Saat itu, liriknya baru dibuat untuk verse pertama dan reff saja. Meski

sisanya masih berupa bayangan, namun makna lagunya sudah

menempel di kepala Heydi Ibrahim. "You Got Me" bercerita tentang pria

yang kecantol seorang wanita karena ketidaksengajaan. Mereka lantas

jatuh cinta karena merasa dapat saling melengkapi.

Selain lirik yang sudah melalui tahap perbaikan dan tambahan, pada

versi sekarang, tidak ada lagi bebunyian instrumen drum. Adapun untuk

lini gitar, tetap menampilkan notasi feel in dan lead seperti aslinya, yang

kini dieksekusi oleh Andien KS.

"Perbedaan "You Got Me dan "Bayang" selain pada lirik juga pada

notasi reff. Persamaannya ada pada basic chord," Anwar Fatahillah


Sang bassis melanjutkan, aransemen yang disuguhkan kali ini juga

sangat akustik dan nuansa blues-nya amat kuat. Lalu, nuansa era '70-an

melekat erat berpadu dengan elemen orkestrasi sehingga menjadi nilai

tambah "You Got Me".

Dari sisi kibor, sound-nya masih berbasis piano - Rhodes dan

Hammond. Namun, timbre (warna sound) nya berbeda jika

dibandingkan dengan versi “Bayang”. Di tangan Wiwiex Soedarno, "You

Got Me" semakin bernyawa.

Menjelang usia Powerslaves yang ke-30 tahun, “You Got Me” dirilis dan

sudah tersedia di seluruh platform musik digital sejak 10 April. (RN)


0859 7691 179 (Business - Indra Budi)

0812 8095 8438 (Media Relations – Riki Noviana)

Email: /



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