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Pre Show Party METALLICA 2013 with Blackrock and AIFA

Pre Show Party METALLICA 2013 with Blackrock and AIFA






Beholder’s Cult: doom metal revelation band launches debut album ‘Our Darkest Home’


Beholder’s Cult: doom metal revelation band launches debut album ‘Our Darkest Home’

Brazilian Doom Metal band Beholder’s Cult releases their debut album ‘Our Darkest Home’. Composed of 9 dense and charged tracks, the album is released independently and will soon have a physical version.

'Our Darkest Home' shares a semi-conceptual theme, which despite not having a clear narrative, the songs and concepts communicate and complement each other throughout the execution. With dense and melancholic sounds, the band follows clear influences of black metal, depressive rock, darkwave and post-punk, deftly leading the slow rhythm of Doom and the incursions by fast passages.

On the theme of the album, the band says: “The almost dreamlike idea of ​​a path between the beginning of life and death or between significant moments in a life, represented by a journey under the sun, which becomes progressively unbearable as you progress , having the night as a point of departure and arrival. We tried to capture in the compositions the concepts of light and shadows, in addition to the weight and motivations of this transition under a burning light”.

'Our Darkest Home' promises to be one of the best releases of the style and is now available on all digital platforms.

Formed in mid-2016, in Brazil by Felipe Stock (Guitar and Vocals), Pedro Paes (Keyboards) and Tama Oliveira (Drums), Beholder's Cult defined their sound within the limits of doom metal, having as their main initial references Lake of Tears and Tiamat. Still in a trio, the band released the first EP ‘Cult of Solitude’ in 2018, which was well received by specialized critics and had all physical copies sold out, available only on digital platforms. This release was a turning point for Beholder’s Cult as a band, motivating them to improve their performance, more live shows and create high quality material and that made Rafael Giraldi get closer to the band, assuming the bass. This formation made several live presentations in several Brazilian states, already being a well-known and respected name.

Throughout 2019, the process of composing the first full lenght began, which included Rafael Giraldi on drums and Luciano Dias on bass. These changes, added to the 2020 pandemic, caused the launch to be postponed. With care and effort, the band finally launches the waiting ‘Our Darkest Home’ and plans a outreach tour as soon as the pandemic is over. 


1. Samsara (02:59)

2. Shadows (05:45)

3. Starry Queen (05.49)

04. Crestfallen (05:05)

05. Conceiving Silence (05:29)

06. Whispers of Dusk (02:05)

07. Weight of the Sun (05:17)

08. Ivory Tower (08:03)

09. Empty Inside (08:22)

Line up: 

Felipe Stock (vocals/guitar)
Luciano Dias (Bass)
Pedro Paes (Keyboards)
Rafael Giraldi (Drum)

Genre:  Doom Metal


Producer: Rafael Giraldi

Recording, mixing and mastering: Victor Hormidas e Rafael Giraldi (Texas Estúdio)

Artwork: Zakuro Aoyama

Photos: Rafael Giraldi

For more about BEHOLDER’S CULT visit the band's oficial BANDCAMPINSTAGRAMFACEBOOK and YOUTUBE.

PRESS RELEASE Tendangan Badut: Legenda Punk Kota Solo Merilis Karya Digital Pertamanya.



Tendangan Badut: Legenda Punk Kota Solo Merilis Karya Digital Pertamanya.

Tendangan Badut, band punk asal kota Solo yang dibentuk pada tahun 2003. Sampai saat ini

Tendangan Badut sudah merilis 7 album dalam format fisik kaset/CD yaitu Clown Resurection

(2006), Come a Land With Friend (2008), Dalam Pengaruh Miras (2010), Boot Bois (2013), The

Best (2015), Tribute to Friend (2017).

Pergantian personil berulang kali terjadi sampai akhirnya hanya menyisakan 1 personil.

Meskipun hanya menyisakan satu personil yaitu Natalius Telaumbanua (Lius) pada Vocal/Gitar,

namun tidak menyurutkan semangat Tendangan Badut untuk terus berkarya. Dan pada tahun

2019 Tendangan Badut berhasil merilis album ke 7 yang bertitel Welcome to Solo. Di album ini

Tendangan Badut mengajak Ari Hamzah dari Fun As Thirty untuk mengisi drum.

Pada bulan Juni 2021 ini, We Are the Crew, single dari album tersebut dirilis dalam format

digital. We Are the Crew bercerita tentang segerombolam anak muda yang bangga dengan

attitudenya dan suka bekerja keras.

Single ini adalah rilisan pertama dari Tendangan Badut di platform musik digital setelah

berproses selama hampir 18 tahun. Permintaan yang besar dari penikmat musik Tendangan

Badut akhirnya membuat Lius memutuskan untuk merilis karyanya di platform musik digital.

Tidak hanya berhenti di “We Are the Crew”, kedepannya Tendangan Badut akan mendigitalkan

karya-karyanya yang lain agar dapat menjangkau penikmat musik lebih luas.

CP Tendangan Badut

0822-4125-0526 (Lius)


welcome a new artist to the Brutal Records Roster LEACH has signed a deal with the label for worldwide release the title album "Lovely Light of Life" May 21th, 2021


We are happy to welcome a new artist to the Brutal Records Roster LEACH has signed a deal with the label for worldwide release the title album "Lovely Light of Life" May 21th, 2021

The Nordic country boasts a thriving extreme music Swedish metal onto the world with the “thrash n’ roll”  band LEACH with catchy riffs as well as the pounding drums and wailing solo.

LEACH has established a style and a sound that makes them stand out from the crowd with their own blend of thrash, hardcore, metal, punk and even a bit of traditional rock and roll, the sound is visceral and pumped full of energy just waiting to take out a wall close to you!

If it’s burly, melodic, and fits together perfectly, it’s probably from Sweden. LEACH certainly are, and their warts-and-all style of thrash-n’-roll is just begging for a throwdown.

“Lovely light of Life” is their third major rodeo, and straight out the gate, a mission statement of thrash, hardcore and rock’n’roll. “Carry the stigma” knows how to get the pit started, and it’s pedal to the metal until the last track. “Sweet Blasphemy” thunders through its chugging grooves relentlessly, while “Trench Walk” is an anthemic riff-out carved from the foundation of rock itself.  

To top it off, the production is the right level of crisp and rough-n’-ready - a tip to the skills of Christian Silver at Studiomega (Arch Enemy, Kreator, Soilwork, Dragonforce).

When coming from such a rich scene as Sweden (Borås), a band cannot help but take some influence from their forefathers - in this case, the insistent energy of a Raised Fist, the rock n’ roll parts of a latter-day Entombed, and the infectious melodies of The Haunted. But it’s not all Svenska - the US gets a look in, with Hatebreed’s snarling bravado, and the thrash-fest of Exodus and Nuclear Assault.All of these influences have been distilled into a potent concoction that is instantly recognizable and wholly theirs.

LEACH are a band built for the stage - that much is clear. And with live experiences that stretches through Europe and as far as Dubai - their frantic energy has been proven. But there’s more than enough replay value in “Lovely light of Life” if a bedroom mosh is in order. Invite some friends, throw the windows up, and let the music fly.

Lovely Light of Life

D.O.D Feat. Bjorn Speed Strid


Brutal Records Stores:

Europe & World
Plastic Head

North America & Worldwide


Youtube Channel 


Press Release Just Rock and Loud (JRL) - Oh No!!



welcome a new artist to the Brutal Records Roster Never End has signed a deal with the label for worldwide release the title album "The Cold and the Craving" Sept.3rd, 2021.


To view your promos, follow this link:


The Brutal Records is proudly announced the latest band in their ranks: Welcome! Thrash Metal Chilean's heavyweight “Amnessia Eterna” delivered a precision-honed teutonic thrash debut LP album "Malditos" July 30th


The Brutal Records is proudly announced the latest band in their ranks: Welcome! Thrash Metal Chilean's heavyweight “Amnessia Eterna”  delivered a precision-honed teutonic thrash debut LP album "Malditos" July 30th, that’s well worth your time!

If you’re here hoping to find something unhinged and chasmic, you’re in luck. Amnessia Eternas’ sound is gloriously formed by Camilo Sánchez (vocal, guitars), Rudy Pereira (guitars), Jairo Sepúlveda (drums) and Fernando Martínez (bass).

Malditos, whose art is in charge of Hanyo Arte and Rustico Films taken to the next level with a official videos directed by Claudio Vergara , "Falso Predicador" and  ,"Infierno" will be released in CD format and on all digital music platforms by Sony Music/ The Orchard and Brutal Records.
There’s something refreshing about Amnessia Eterna’s simplified approach to the thrash metal genre. The quartet’s no-frills approach doesn’t rely on bold atmospherics or sweeping displays of technical proficiency, it gives you exactly what you want when you’re craving straight-up thrash metal, executed with immense quality.

03.Desquiciado Pecador
04.En busca del Poder
07.Tan solo
08.Falso Predicador
10.Todo cae

Amnessia Eterna_Malditos
View in 3D Artwork Digipak






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