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Pre Show Party METALLICA 2013 with Blackrock and AIFA

Pre Show Party METALLICA 2013 with Blackrock and AIFA





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Death Metallers AXEGRESSOR from Turku, Finland, announce their new album, BANNERLESS , for April 13th, release through BRUTAL RECORDS.

Death Metallers AXEGRESSOR from Turku, Finland, announce their new album, BANNERLESS , for April 13th, release through BRUTAL RECORDS.

The new full-length album "Bannerless" rotting, crushing thrash metal that shows a lot of what the Finnish scene was the best known for.

Skull crushing riffs with one of the heaviest rhythm sections from the scene, some of the best moments of gorgeous melody, and a mystical atmosphere that leaves most of their countrymen in the dust

Punishing staccato rhythms and fast melodic leads interplay, with most of the material being mid-paced and groovy variations on chugging or galloping low end riffs. melodies , and fantastic drumming interplays well with the heavy rhythm section.

So far Axegressor has supported a variety of foreign bands in Finland such as Zemial (Gre), Adorior (Uk), Dark Tranquillity (Swe), Legion of the Damned (Hol), Toxic Holocaust (Usa), Entombed A.D. (Swe), Grave (Swe), Cannabis Corpse (Usa), Onslaught (UK), Soilwork (Swe) and Municipal Waste (Usa) as well as being a part of line up in many festivals. Axegressor has also been spreading its musical message outside Finland by visiting Estonia, Ireland, Russia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Germany, Poland, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Slovakia and Norway.

Seba Forma - lead & rhythm guitar
Aki Paulamäki - bass & backing vocals
Atte Mäkelä - drums
Johnny Nuclear Winter - vocals

All songs written by Forma & Mäkelä, arranged by Axegressor

Lyrics by Johnny Nuclear Winter.

Recorded at Noise For Fiction Studio by Joona Lukala. Mixed and mastered by the same awesome guy.

Cover art by Kalle Pyyhtinen.

"Don't be an asshole" dedicated to Lemmy Kilmister. Guitar solo in this song by Lukala.

01. In Safe Space No One Can Hear Your Scream
02. Ever Bending Spine
03. Bridges To Cross And Burn
04. Terminal Ignition
05. Igno-Rant
06. Human Travesty
07. The Lethality Of Mediocrity
08. Barren Bloodline Worship
09. Truth Prostitute
10. Peace At Last
11. Dont Be An Asshole




Physical Europe distributor by Plastic Head distributor (PHD)

Physical North America distributor by Music Video Distributor. (MVD)

Thanks once again!

Michael Howard
Brutal Records


BRUTAL RECORDS is proud to announnce its newest signing:




Satanic are a Canadian, death metal group about to drop their debut album, Architecture of Chaos. Release on October 30th, 2017 via Brutal Records, Architecture of Chaos promises to bring atmosphere, rawness and nerve shattering intensity.
Satanic are three guys from Trois-Rivieres in Quebec. We have Martin Carle on the drums, Guillame Petit on guitar and vocals and finally, Izaac Beaudoin on bass and vocals.
Architecture of Chaos has 8 tracks on it and is not much more than 40 minutes long. It deals with topics such as war, worldwide conspiracies and Satanism. Satanic are said to be obsessed with old school metal and their debut is claimed to be the most fervent death metal tunes in the history of the genre. 
Architecture of Chaos opens with Mephistophelian which loosely means wicked or fiendish. It is derived from Mephistopheles who was one of the seven chief demons in Medieval Demonology. It is a furiously heavy start with a fast chugging riff before a demonic growl introduces a really infectious riff. The vocals are roared intermittently but the guitars are the lead on this track. The drums lack a little power, production wise, which is a shame but not overly noticeable due to the leading guitar riffs.
Speed riffing is something Satanic do a lot of and do well. World of Chaos has a slower, descending guitar over some sickening, bile inducing growls before launching into a blisteringly fast riff. Armageddon is another good example of it with neck breaking riffage that just gets small interruptions from a bit of rhythm or a bass solo every now and then. Systematic Fear has a riff played so fast and loud, the picking almost blurs into one continuous note.
There is a lot of inventiveness and variation though too, especially with intros. Processing the Undead has a more rhythmic start and the drums sound meatier too which is welcome. It has a great riff at the end with horrific vocals that move in sync with the guitar line that I adore. Architecture of Apocalypse also has a slower start with a sweet bass line that is joined by a solid riff which turns into a nice solo. There is another great little solo near the end that turns into a properly infectious head banging riff. Try not to nod your head to this song. It’s impossible.

The whole album has a real old school death metal feel, even in the production and mastering. What there is though is a ton of little modern touches that elevate Architecture of Chaos. The excellent bass lines and solos, the brilliant riffing, the powerful, satanic vocals and the drumming which pounds along at rip roaring pace with immaculate timing. This is proper death metal – it’s hard hitting, eye opening and bloody good to listen to. There is so much aggression, so much speed but it is balanced off with the right amount of groove and rhythm like in the penultimate track, Biotech Warfare.

It sums up Satanic perfectly. The riffing goes from insanely fast to amazingly catchy. The drums pound out an infectious rhythm before going into overdrive. The bass bangs away creating the perfect foundation and the vocals are disturbingly strong. The album ends on a huge sub 9 minute long death metal orgasm called Tchernobyl 86. Like the rest of the album we move through excellent riff after excellent riff. Constantly heavy it moves through different levels of speed. The vocals sound so good here and the drums sound good too. It is such a strong way to finish the album, dropping all the slow downs and just blasting you with 9 minutes of brutality.
Architecture of Chaos is a seriously good album. Satanic, and Brutal Records, are on to something big here. The production does feel very old school. While I like that, the drums do get a little lost sometimes so could do with a bit more volume. You can hear how amazing the drum patterns are, let’s just hear them a little louder. A minor issue but it doesn’t detract from what is one of the strongest and heaviest death metal albums you are likely to hear this year.

Check it out, you won’t regret it. Just be warned, you may damage your neck once you get into this.

You can ORDER NOW Architecture of Chaos from Plastichead in Europe or MVD in North America.




Jengloth band

Let's call it 'GRINKOR suka2'!!! 

all songs recorded @LB4 studio, cibubur, Indonesia
march 2013 - october 2014 by Eko
mixed and mastered @thanatorium st. by wisnu tama
nov/dec 2014.
all music and lyric imagined by Jengloth
Art by Nicolas Dubuisson


released March 6, 2016

Troy (Oracle) - Vocals
Deady (Hellskuad & Cadaver) - guitar
Wisnu (burning legion) - bass 
Rianto (psychopit) - drums





19 January 2016


Setelah memastikan festival musik keras terbesar di wilayah Asia Tenggara kembali digelar di tahun ini, Revision Live, selaku penyelenggara, juga memboyong salah satu raksasa metalcore asal Inggris, Asking Alexandria, untuk menjadi salah satu penampil utamanya. Animo besar dari metalhead tidak hanya dari dalam negeri tapi juga dari beberapa negara tetangga seperti pada tahun – tahun sebelumnya.
Puluhan band cadas dari berbagai sub genre dan negara akan menjadi bagian dari HAMMERSONIC 2016 yang akan dihelat pada tanggal 17 April 2016 di Jakarta. Death metal, salah satu turunan metal yang memiliki cukup besar penggemar di Indonesia, selalu mendapatkan tempat di festival ini. Kali ini, Revision Live, kembali akan memboyong band death metal kelas dinia yaitu Suffocation. Suffocation, salah satu band death metal terbesar di dunia, akan datang untuk kesekian kalinya di Indonesia. Ini juga akan menjadi penampilan keduanya di HAMMERSONIC. Tapi band yg bermarkas di Long Islsnd, New York, Amerika Serikat ini selalu ditunggu oleh penggila musik keras. 7 album penuh sejak terbentuk tahun 1988 adalah bukti keperkasaan mereka menjadi salah satu yang terbesar di death metal. Setelah merilis album Pinnacle of Bedlam di tahun 2013, Suffocation kembali akan merilis album baru di tahun ini masih bersama label raksasa Nuclear Blast Records. Dan tahun ini Frank Muller dan koleganya akan kembali menderu di Jakarta untuk HAMMERSONIC 2016.
Suffocation akan menemani Asking Alexandria dan banyak band lainnya, yang akan segera diumumkan, siap menghajar di HAMMERSONIC 2016. Mengaku penggila musik keras? Jangan lewatkan untuk menjadi bagian dari HAMMERSONIC 2016. Segera dapatkan tiket presale nya di gerai Indomaret di seluruh Indonesia dan ticket box resmi. Sampai jumpa 17 April 2016.

HAMMERSONIC 2016 SIAP DIGELAR @hammersonicfest

28 November 2015


Sukses menggetarkan dengan Hammersonic 2015 yang dipadati 30 ribu pecinta musik keras dari segala penjuru; Revision Live kembali siap dengan HAMMERSONIC 2016. Festival musik keras terbesar di Asia Tenggara ini akan digelar untuk ke 5 kalinya sejak pertama kali pada tahun 2011 dan terus berkelanjutan setiap tahunnya.
Dengan mendatangkan deretan nama-nama besar dari jajaran kancah musik metal dunia membuat HAMMERSONIC selalu ditunggu tidak hanya metalhead di Indonesia tapi juga di Asia Pasifik. Lamb of God, Bullet For My Valentine, Kreator, Morbid Angel, Mayhem, Hatebreed, Suffocation, Nile dan puluhan band internasional dari seluruh dunia termasuk Indonesia menjadi bagian dari nama besar festival ini. HAMMERSONIC menjadi kebanggaan pecinta musik keras di Indonesia. Semacam menjadi kewajiban untuk selalu datang setiap tahunnya. Puluhan ribu metalhead merayakan hari rayanya di HAMMERSONIC.
Untuk gelaran 2016 mendatang, Revision Live, selaku promotor dan penyelenggara, sudah menyiapkan kejutan hebat untuk pecinta musik rock/ metal. Tidak hanya deretan penampil yang akan menghentak panggung dengan kekuatan tata suara dan tata lampu hebat tapi juga sebuah konsep baru yang akan menjadikan HAMMERSONIC 2016 sebagai festival yang tidak boleh untuk dilewatkan. Semua akan terjawab pada tanggal 17 April 2016 saat HAMMERSONIC 2016 akan digelar di Jakarta. Tunggu dan bersiap untuk festival musik keras terbesae di Asia Tenggara!


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