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Pre Show Party METALLICA 2013 with Blackrock and AIFA

Pre Show Party METALLICA 2013 with Blackrock and AIFA






As The Palaces Burn releases new music video “All The Evil"


As The Palaces Burn releases new music video “All The Evil"
With a balance between aggressive sound, melodies and instrumental variety, the heavy metal band As The Palaces Burn continues to promote the EP 'All the Evil', released in late 2020. With an independent project, the band launches the video for track “All the Evil”, which had an exclusive preview on the Metal Hammer Portugal website. “We believe that this new video work, presents the essence of the group. And that comes to promote the dissemination of our music to all corners ”, said vocalist Alyson Garcia. On the subject, Alyson continues: “The entire psychic transition addressed by music is further enhanced by this video clip. The moment when we humans reached the limit and became something we could never even imagine”.

The video clip was produced by Magma Filmes, commanded by Danilo Anastácio and co-produced by the band, “We did a pre-production research evaluating possible locations for the filming. Places that could "incorporate" the lyrical essence of this music in the best possible way", explains Alyson. "In the final editions, director Doc Lee put all his talent, became practically the fifth temporary member of the band, absorbed the whole context doing a memorable job". To share with the fans the challenge of creating a totally independent music video, it is available on IGTV of the band the mini documentary about the production of the clip, with making of, curiosities and reports of the professionals and members of the band.

As The Palaces Burn drew media attention for its musical versatility, making the last work receive excellent reviews from the specialized media. The band also made available on YouTube the series “ATPB”, with videos that portray the production process of the EP. 'All the Evil' features two previously unreleased songs: “Nothing Last Forever” and “All the Evil”, and the acclaimed tribute to the American group Savatage for “Hall of The Mountain King.” The disc is available on all platforms digital.
As The Palaces Burn emerged in 2018 with four professional musicians, idealized by guitarist Diego Bittencourt, who based the band's sound with a mix of influences ranging from traditional Heavy Metal, through Thrash Metal and culminating in Progressive Metal, daring to put on a pinch of modern metal, thus seeking a balance between weight, melody, rhythm and very versatile vocal lines.
The band formed in Brazil began their career in 2019 with the debut album 'End'evour', which achieved great results in the press and among fans, and great publicity shows, including opening for the bands Brujeria, Noturnall and Mike Portnoy. In 2020, the group released their newest work to publicize a new phase, the EP 'All the Evil', produced by the band itself at the IMGN Studio and mixed and mastered by the renowned Adair Daufembach (Tony MacAlpine, Hibria, Project 46, Semblant, Angra, Claustrofobia).
The band is getting ready to enter the studio to record the long-awaited second album, scheduled to be released in the last half of 2021.
1. All the Evil
2. Nothing Lasts Forever
3. Hall of the Mountain King (Savatage Cover)
Line up:
Alyson Garcia (vocal)
André Schneider (baixo)
Diego Bittencourt (guitarra e vocal)
Gilson Naspolini (bateria)

Genre:  Heavy Metal

Producer e recording: As The Palaces Burn - Estúdio IMGN

Mixing and mastering: Adair Daufembach

Artwork: Marcelo Vasco

Photo: Rhamon Soratto

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Enforcer: Banda lançou hoje "Live by Fire II" segundo álbum ao vivo


Enforcer: Banda lançou hoje "Live by Fire II" segundo álbum ao vivo
O comando de heavy metal sueco ENFORCER orgulhosamente apresenta seu segundo álbum ao vivo, “Live By Fire II”, que agora está disponível pela Nuclear Blast Records/Shinigami Records em CD com livreto de 28 páginas. Os formatos físicos do lançamento incluem encartes extensos contendo um programa de turnê, notas de capa e toneladas de fotos compiladas e projetadas pelo vocalista/guitarrista Olof Wikstrand, recapturando o ciclo de turnê do ENFORCER para os álbuns "From Beyond" e "Zenith" durante os anos 2015-2020.
Obtenha o álbum aqui
Para comemorar o lançamento, a banda também fará a estreia em vídeo do show completo no YouTube hoje às 20:00 CET/16:00 do horário de Brasília!
Defina um lembrete agora:
“Live By Fire II” oferece uma performance intensa e apaixonada capturada na frente de um público verdadeiramente dedicado e selvagem na Cidade do México, 2019. “Live By Fire II” permite que você experimente o ENFORCER no topo de sua carreira e marca um excelente recorde ao vivo documentando o caminho estável do grupo para o reconhecimento global nos últimos anos. Também serve como um lembrete impressionante de quantos hinos de heavy metal o ENFORCER criou em seu total de cinco álbuns de estúdio até agora! Desde o ataque de speed metal de 'Destroyer''Searching For You''Midnight Vice' a canções perfeitas como 'From Beyond''One Thousand Years In Darkness' e 'Take Me Out Of This Nightmare', a entusiasmada multidão e o som poderoso de “Live By Fire II” resultam em uma audição cativante e extremamente divertida.
‘Destroyer’ OFFICIAL LIVE:
‘From Beyond’ OFFICIAL LIVE:

O tracklist do álbum é a seguinte:
1 Die For The Devil       
2 Searching For You     
3 Undying Evil   
4 From Beyond
5 Bells Of Hades + Death Rides This Night        
6 Zenith Of The Black Sun        
7 Live For The Night     
8 Mesmerized By Fire  
9 One Thousand Years Of Darkness    
10 Guitar Solo + City Lights Jam
11 Scream Of The Savage          
12 Drum Solo      
13 Run For Your Life       
14 Take Me Out Of This Nightmare       
15 Destroyer       
16 Katana           
17 Midnight Vice
Olof Wikstrand | vocais, guitarras
Jonas Wikstrand | bateria, píano e teclados
Tobias Lindqvist | baixo
Jonathan Nordwall | guitarras

Mais informação:
Crédito Foto: Cintia Regueiro

Baixo Calão releases music video “Esboroável” via Metal Hammer Portugal


Baixo Calão releases music video “Esboroável” via Metal Hammer Portugal

The Brazilian band Baixo Calão debuts the music video for the song "Esboroável”. The track is part of the band's last album, released in 2020 by the label Xaninho Discos and brings all the energy of the Brazilian Grindcore, known all over the world exclusive on the Metal Hammer Portugal website.

"'Esboroável', brought the anonymous we lost among so many tombs, as it is to face the symbiosis between the period when the lyrics were written / recorded (before the pandemic) and the pandemic period. That is, a mixture of Theory & Practice, and Satisfaction & Melancholy! Among so many losses, this clip perhaps symbolizes the most significant audiovisual work we have done”, explains the vocalist Leandro Porko.

At the end of 2020 Baixo Calão shared the video for “Pódio de Chegada”, a theme with the participation of João Gordo (Ratos de Porão).

Formed in mid-1996 in the city of Belém do Pará, Baixo Calão made a hardcore punk sound. The band's first demo, from 2003 ‘Homo Postumus’, features more Crust-Grind rhythms. In the debut album 'Atmo Mediokra' (2012) the band was already doing Grindcore oldschool and won a European tour in July 2012, passing through eight countries, a tour that featured participation in the festival OBSCENE EXTREME FESTIVAL (2012) that takes place in Czech Republic, sharing the stage with bands like Yacopsae, Discharge, Nasum, Gutalax and Sakata.

After some changes in formation and releases in several European countries, Baixo Calão was invited to perform some shows in 2020, due to the pandemic some were canceled and others postponed. Then, the band focused on studio work during the pandemic, generating several new compositions, including participation in splits with bands from Latin America and the release of the single with the participation of João Gordo.

Baixo Calão continues to promote its new studio album, entitled 'Necrológio', which was released in LP format this year, available from Xaninho Discos.
Genre: Grindcore

Video producer and editor: Alexandre Nogueira
Audio Producer:  Marcos Saraiva and William Peixoto

Recording, mixing and mastering: William Peixoto and Marcos Saraira
Photography: Victor Peixe Fotografia


1. Necrológio
2. Marcha Luxuriante
3. Solipsista
4. Agitações No Sistea Límbico
5. Nada Poder
6. Esboroável
7. Insantidades
8. Perfunctório
9. Panóplias Contemporâneas
10. Oxímoros
11. Essencial Ignomínia
12. Otromismo
13. Aqui Jazz
14. Cadáver De Poeta
15. Animalia Dei
16. Césio 137
17. Epílogo
18. Datilocavando

Line up:

Leandro Porko (vocals)
Jardel Crudo (vocals)
Danilo Leitão (guitar)
Marcio Oldman (bass)
William Peixoto (Drums)

For more on BAIXO CALÃO visit the band's oficial FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM and YOUTUBE 

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Válvera shares a new video "The Damn Colony"


Válvera shares a new video "The Damn Colony"
With a balance between aggressive sound, rough and rough vocals and instrumental variety, the new thrash metal band Válvera continues to promote the album "Cycle Of Disaster", released in 2020 on the label Brutal Records. With a great production, the band launches the music video for the track “The Damn Colony”, which had an exclusive preview on the Metal Hammer Portugal website.

Based on one of the worst episodes in Brazilian history, the song tells about the Hospital Colônia de Barbacena, the psychiatric hospital founded in 1903. With a capacity of 200 beds, the hospital housed an average of 5,000 thousand patients and became known for the genocide that occurred between the 60s and 80s. Official estimates report over 60,000 deaths occurred inside the wards due to medical malpractice and torture over the years. Italian Psychiatrist Franco Basaglia compared the place to a Nazi concentration camp.

“We chose this song precisely because it is a delicate theme and very little publicized in our country, and also because it is one of the best songs on the album. The hospital was designed to contain the undesirable. About 70% of the inmates had no diagnosis of mental illness. There were sent 'unpleasant and uncomfortable people', such as political opponents, prostitutes, homosexuals, beggars, among other marginalized groups in society. As artists, we have an obligation to speak, to be the voice of the people, to ask questions so that episodes like this will never be repeated”, comments the band in an interview with Metal Hammer Portugal. .
Válvera uses the “ambient” or “atmospheric” Thrash riff, a melodic phrase line concluding abruptly in a prolonged resolution to center each riff and create a mesmerizing effect on the listener. Lyrics are mainly fantastic, focusing on the history of which addresses various catastrophes that happened in Brazil and its people. Deliberate songwriting with simple implements and intents clarifies into immersive and sensual sound.

The album "Cycle Of Disaster" received excellent reviews in media around the world, being listed as one of the best releases of 2020.
Label: Brutal Records
Glauber Barreto – Voz e Guitarra
Rodrigo Torres - Guitarra
Leandro Peixoto - Bateria
Gabriel Prado – Baixo
Genre:  New Thrash Metal
Production and recording: Dual Noise (Rogerio Wecko)

Mastering and mixing: Dual Noise (Rogerio Wecko)

Artwork: Glauber Barreto

Direction / Photography: Plinio Scambora
Art Direction / Production: Raquel Tejada
Assistant Production: Aline Lopes e Rennan Carlos
Set Producer: Matheus Sabino
Making Of still: Fabrício Silva
Make Up Artist: Fabricia Rodrigues
Photo: Jéssica Marinho

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Brazilian thrashers The Damnnation are proud to announce the signing with Soulseller Records


Brazilian thrashers The Damnnation are proud to announce the signing with Soulseller Records
The thrash metal power trio, The Damnnation is proud to announce the contract with Soulseller Records. Now, the girls is ready to release the debut album, even heavier and more attractive.

On signing to Soulseller Records the band comments: “We are very happy with this support and for being part of this roster with incredible bands from the world scene! We will definitely have an amazing road together!”.

Based out of São Paulo in Brazil, The Damnnation is a trio consisting of Renata Petrelli (vocals, guitar), Aline Dutchi (bass, backing vocals), and Luana Diniz (drums, backing vocals). Earlier this year, they dropped their four-track EP titled ‘Parasite’, which conveys a raging fist of old school heavy metal meeting the skull of thrash metal. Imagine the love child of Judas Priest, Megadeth, and Power Trip if you will.

The yet untitled debut album will hit stores worldwide during the winter of 21/22! Soon the band will release more details of the new album, which is being produced by the renowned Rogério Oliveira (worked on the EP 'Parasite') and Martin Furia (Nervosa, Eskröta and BARK).

Listen the EP 'Parasite'.
Genre:  Thrash Metal / Death Metal

Producer: Rogério Oliveira

Label: Soulseller Records (in Brazil, Xaninho Discos)

Photo: Jéssica Marinho
Renata Petrelli (Vocal e Guitarra)
Aline Dutchi(Baixo e Vocal)
Lu Diniz (Bateria)

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The DamNNation - Apocalypse (live at London Studio)

Claustrofobia share guitar playthrough video for "Riff Cult"


Claustrofobia share guitar playthrough video for "Riff Cult"
Claustrophobia playing at Rock in Rio 2019 (Photo: Ronald Amadeu)
One of the biggest names in Brazilian thrash metal, the band Claustrofobia, recently released the single "Riff Cult" on all streaming platforms and the video clip that was released exclusively by Decibel Magazine.

Closing the promotion of the single, Claustrofobia launches the playthrough of the song with guitarist and vocalist Marcus D’Angelo, produced at Swamp Loco Studios, the band's own rehearsal place.

D’Angelo uses the already classic combination Jackson RR24, EVH 5150, with EMG Pickups 81 with Giannini strings and Maccabos. With the Jackson guitar, his technically challenging style and visual elegance, D'Angelo closes with a flourish the promotion of “Riff Cult”, a single that was super significant and represented a lot of people “I couldn't not do a playthrough for this song that has Riff in the name (Laughter). We recorded in our studio in the same type of setting as the video, maintaining the proposal to respect this moment of isolation and also showing how much art helped us. The art spoke louder and we can't wait to show the world what we produced during this time of isolation. It was all very inspiring”, explains Marcus D’Angelo.
Riff Cult" was produced by renowned Brazilian producer Adair Daufembach who has worked with names like Megadeth, Angra, Kiko Loureiro, Aquiles Priester, Dirk Verbeuren and Tony MacAlpine. For Claustrofobia, the song is a tribute to the Riffs, a key component of metal. Vocalist Marcus D'Angelo emphasizes this aspect by stating “We consider a culture, a cult. It is the hook of all Metal, everything is born from the guitar riff. And Riff by Riff we are fueling our passion for Metal, fueling our desire to continue the legacy. The Riff is what addicts us in a good way. In this quarantine the love for Metal became more evident, without shows and without contact with the fans, so we decided to pay tribute and celebrate”.

The band also made available on their Youtube channel the making of the video clip "Riff Cult"
Watch HERE.
'Riff Cult' now where the group brings forth their meta-tribute to riffs with their own display of groovy and thrashy death metal riffs galore" - Metal Injection

"Building a cult os one of those things that’s easy in theory but tough in practice. Or it is, anyway, if you’re not Claustrofobia — a Brazilian death metal-tinged trad-thrash ultra-power trio that will have you head banging your way into the fold via the new Caio D`Angelo-helmed video for the soul-stirring, killer anthem 'Riff Cult' ” - Decibel Magazine

Marcus D`Angelo (vocal e guitarra)
Caio D`Angelo (bateria)
Rafael Yamada (baixo e vocal de apoio)

Genre:  Thrash Metal / Death Metal

Producer: Adair Daufembach

Recording, mixing and mastering: Adair Daufembach - Northwood Sound Studio

Video Productor: Claustrofobia and Swamp Loco LLC

Video Director and Editor: Caio D`Angelo

Photography: Courtney Ware / Editor: Junior Imigrante

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