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OEF 2013 World Tour Statement!!! curby/obscene @oef_asia

OEF 2013 World Tour Statement!!! 


Hello freaks!!!
This is curby/obscene...I believe that you our loyal OEF fans have followed us on our tour so you probably know what happened but for those who haven't I would like to sum up our first ever OEF World tour...when I was pondering over our plans for the World tour I was really full of enthusiasm (actually I still am haha) and hoped for something new, but our first world volume was really a tough game, not only financially but also's very difficult to understand how big differences there are between Europe, Mexico and Indonesia...I knew it would be different, but so much? What can you do if you pay everything in advance as in Mexico and people don't work at all? Not much, when you read my statements for every continet, you`ll understand me...
I really don`t want to cry, I just want to share this experience with all of you, and to be honest I'm very proud about our first OEF World tour. Everywhere the sound, the stage were good, the running order was kept properly and to be honest that was almost a miracle in those manana countries haha!
If you ask me now to do it again knowing the results of these festivals, I would always say YES!!! I can't help myself hahaha...the whole World tour was a 100% life experience, now I know I can't change things in the countries like Mexico or Indonesia...mission impossible!!!
Absolutely the best experience was all the bands playing OEF, there were so many great bands all around the globe with a huge DIY attitude and the respect for the scene and OEF! I had so much fun watching all the bands from different countries, it was the first time for me to see bands from Vietnam, Phillipines, Costarica, New Caledonia, Korea....and all those bands that played those OEF's had exactly the same attitude like in could feel so much passion for extreme music! This thing made me really happy and all the lost money is nothing at all in comparison to this...The South and North American bands could meet at a single point in Mexico and it was great! The same in Asia with the Asian bands! In Australia we didn't have that many foreign bands but all in all it was the best Aussie grindcore meeting anyway!
I want to thank one more time to all the bands that played at OEF this year, all real supporters and everyone involved in helping OEF!!! THANK YOU!!!
Right now we are heading towards the 15th anniversary show in our hometown Trutnov and our lovely festival area Battlefield. I can recollect the small underground festival that was born in 1999 on a truck trailer instead of on a real stage. It has slowly changed into one of the leading underground festivals but with the same ideals and vibe like in the year it was born and it's something I'm very proud of and I hope we'll always continue to support music we die for!!!
OEF won't exist if there's no one like you any more supporting us in good or bad times. The OEF NÂș1 sponsors are the fans!!! Thanks for your support, we need you this year more than ever. See you all in Trutnov to do the biggest OEF party ever! It's number 15, be there!!!


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