Carnivored, a Death Metal band from Tangerang, Indonesia was beginning since the end of 2006. It all started from the friendship of four young people who are passionate in Death Metal music. They are Hansen Fallah Matsuka who later became a Vocalist, Ario Nugroho later became a Guitarist, Gilang Ramadhan later became a Bassist, and then Geotama Riamputra later became the Drummer. Since it was first formed, Carnivored started making some songs under the influence of Death Metal bands such as: Decapitated, Vader, Suffocation, Cannibal Corpse, etc, and managed to record three pieces of the song entitled "Moral Degradation", "Infinite Destruction", and "Death". Armed with 3 pieces of the song, they began to perform stage to stage in a small and local underground scene in Jakarta and the other surrounding areas. As the performing became more intense and frequent in various stages, in the Year 2008, Rottrevore Records (an Indonesian-based death metal record label) began to know about the band’s existence and was interested in releasing their first album. But the album process was not going smoothly. Some obstacles came up, ranging from personnel changes that occurred several times, until the other problems that forced Carnivored to being under hiatus for about a year. In 2009, still with the same spirit to release their first album, Gilang, together with Ario tried to rebuild the band again, they started to look for personnel replacement to fill the empty positions in drums and vocals. Then they invited Ronald (from One Shot One Kill) and Oces (from Maia), and completing the formations of Carnivored which consisted of Ario Nugroho as a Guitarist, Gilang Ramadhan as a Bassist, Ronald Alexander Radja Haba as a Vocalist, Rachmat "Oces" Mukti as a Drummer. With the new formation, Carnivored got up and started exploring underground local stages in Jakarta and other cities and also continued the process of their first album. In 2012 the Carnivored has been successfully released their debut album entitled Revival under Rottrevore Record for Indonesian region only. The album contained 10 tracks wrapped with a heavy ambience, aggressive and catchy guitar riffs, and also using tight drum beats and vocal patterns. 
In the middle 2012, Gilang had incurred due to the vision and mission that are not in line with other members. In early 2014 Welby joined in to fill the bass position replacing Gilang. 
Carnivored's new album "No Truth Found" already release on April 2014 (self relaease). There's a lot of new things on "No Truth Found", lot of progress musicality which become more complex and varied!


Sounds Like: Vader, Decapitated, Psycroptic, Misery Index, Cannibal Corpse
Label: Independent
Manager: Bram 081219804654