Blisterhead has probably been touring since you attended kindergarden. Almost 20 years of that rock'n roll soaked punkrock with three-part vocals that made the band a name in every squat in Europe. From Stockholm to Neapel, Paris to St.Petersbourg. Making headlines with bombs in Russia, catchy videos on MTV and their anthem of an encore, The sound of unity. Guitar riffs from 1977, bass lines from 1957, and still, after more than 300 shows with countless opening acts and headlines, the undefeated heavyweight champion of the world when it comes to punk drums. 

Their new EP Border Control was recorded live in The Panic Room Studio together with Thomas "Plec" Johansson. A little faster and a little more room for the human factor makes this album Blisterheads best contribution to the punkrock made famous by the likes of The Clash and Rancid. The EP raises a lot of questions about our current situation for refugees in Europe and how inhuman our politics towards them has become. A relevant subject now as much as ever. The vinyl issue is distributed by Dead Lamb Records (Ireland), Dirty Old Man Records (England), Rock Em Dead Records (England) and Punkebjartes Punkeplattor (Norge). Cramada is handling the digital release thru Sound Pollution Distribution, Phonofile (Nordic countries) and The Orchard (worldwide).

2017 Border Control (EP)
2015 Tumbling Down (album)
2007 Under the city lights (album)
2004 Via Casilina (album)
2004 Blisterhed / Voice of a generation (split EP)
2003 Punk Royale (album)

Erik Törnqvist - Vocals & Guitar
Kim Nilsson - Vocals & Guitar
Andreas Emanuelsson - Bass
Johan Karlsson - Drums


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