Open submission for any extreme musick songs : part 2 digital Xompilation albumX

hey, ho, hi, hu, oi, uy,

man teman, friends, kawan, sadayana, kerabat, sobat, de el el

mari mari nyang punye lagu2 extreme musick songs bergenre CADAS, PEDAS, CERDAS boleh dikirim ke marih: , jgn lupa kasih tau ke kite nama bandnya apa, judul lagunye, plus satu foto personil, eh sama Logo bandnya... lagunya SATU aje ya, biar yg laen kebagian... buruan ye.. ditunggu ampe Oktober 2018....

Xelamat berkaryaX



hey, ho, oi, hi, hello,

for our friends at any place in the world,

if you have a record of any kind of music genre that categorized as Extreme Music like Metal, Death, Punk, Crust, D-beat or else, and you want to contribute your song demo to digital compilation that will be published in this Website.
We will wait your demo until October 2018, pls give your band photo, logo band, your band name.

please email your Best songs & others materials like band profile photo, band name & logo images to:

Notes: All materials will be published in this website: UNDERGROUNDSYNC.COM and Free to be listened here
All bands are only email their ONE best song ya, cause we're only pick ONE song from each bands