COASTER release of the latest single titled "Timeout"

As a reminder of the time, that will not repeat, COASTER  release of the latest single titled "Timeout"

Right at the end of 2019, COASTER released their latest single titled "Timeout". This time the song could be considered special because the nuances of the music this time were different from the previous COASTER songs, this time more interesting instruments were added such as trumpets and organs as a sweetener in this easy listening music.

Timeout song itself tells the story of a child who regretted after his father's departure, the regret was very profound because remembering the past he had lived with his father filled with quarrels and lack of closeness between child and father. parents make the distance of love and attention to be very far away.

The sudden leave makes this child trapped in the past which should be passed through harmony rather than the evil mouth, cold and rude attitude towards his father.

Now he is gone. Go to a place that will never return until the time determined by the Almighty for us to gather again.

Similarly, about the song "Timeout" from COASTER, hopefully, it can be a lesson for us all. For this song, you can immediately enjoy it on various favorite music platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, and others. Release Link :


I will tell a story
About a kid and his beloved father

Swears to each other loudly
End it with hate and discomfort

Reff >>

But now you leave me
Digging deep a tragedy

I was dreaming you
Coming back to smile at me

Messing with my memory
Contentions are 

Not the time to say goodbye
Cause you'll always live inside me

Looking back to my youth time
Spending time with all of my friends
You never come around to give me Sunday.....

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