About us

Undergroundsync is an alternative media to hear & see music, news, reviews, etc. 
Undergroundsync is build by spirit to give support to all bands that need to be heard from their music.
Nothing possible for us to play your music.
Nothing possible for us to share your profile, contacts that able to make you play on some gigs.
We give hope to your music to be heard by anyone.
We are also lively report through our lens that captured the moments of crowds for small to big scale concerts.
And soon we're able to make video of gigs/concert.

We're here to stand on our ground to make an alternative as new perspective to see new media which is 'Internet' based.
We're the new media to spread the music and synchronizing all cutting edge music here.
Cause we're believe music is for everyone.

Our crews:
64un6 -- the keeper's
agus -- IT
yugozally aka zally -- the right eyes (Ad Hoc)
eddy p aka wanto -- the left eyes (Ad Hoc)
(RIP) aldhien delta aka aldien -- the center eyes (Ad Hoc)
om joko w -- All eyes (Ad Hoc)
Arief Yudo -- new eyes
yahya p -- the merchandiser
agus, heri & romi -- loyalist crews
sarifbrown & kandar freeman (RIP) -- dynamic duo/mc/toysmaker'
dudy -- forecasters & videographer (Ad Hoc)
riza -- strategic business partner

Our 1st on AIR (virtually/on the net) at 16th of NOVEMBER,2011

Hope your happy to enjoy our alternative media