The band was originally formed on the basis of agreements mind Angga, Melville and Bukuy on september 2010. Because of vacancies on bass and rytem so that they add to jody and Alvin. Formerly the band was very uncontrolled. Until the year 2011 Melville had to get out to continue his education, every few weeks jody and Alvin is also out because of the factors that forced them to resign from the band. Because of vacancies on the drum and bass reason bukuy recruit Fadly and Rezky to enter. With this completeness, we start looking for what fits the music genre for us and eventually the flow of "metal hardcore" which according to our criteria. After that, Bukuy and Rezky also resigned because of circumstances that force them to quit the band. The reason we vacuum a few months until we finally found a new vocalist and bassist named Joshua and Fajar of that until now still be in this band. 
The lyrics of our songs contain many elements of pain, despair, discontent and injustice to our opposite sex. 
lapse a few months later, Fadly decided to resign from the band due to problems, so that eventually we will recruit a new drummer who is still in the discovery stage. and there is the addition of new personnel to fill vacancies on Rhythm guitar he named is Ripay. 
but, Fajar decided to resign from the band due to problems. so, Jojo turned to bassist. and we will recruit a new vocalist and drummer. and now, Pras and Awang has joined to fill the position of vocal and drum. 
Our current formation : 
- Hendro Prasetyo Wibisono (pras) as Vocal 
- Joshua Alessandro Xaverius (jojo) as Bass 
- Zulfikar Naoval (pay) as Lead Guitar 
- Angga Fitrianto Kuncoro Putro (tile) as Guitar 
- Benny Pujiara (pacok) as Drummer 


New Single, "Criminal Unyu - Akhir Zaman ( NEW VERSION)