At first we were just a bunch of kids hang out music lovers metal / underground and then we have the intention to form a band in the beginning we wanted to form a band of gothic but once we figured eventually switched to blackmetal, in early 2010 we formed a band called "dementors" homage to black metal but the name was not suitable for our dio and ivan also had a suggestion for the name jelangkung and we also agree that the formation is not yet finally established dio (drums) recruited vocalist hendra 1 one by one we find a player and was recruited favor dio as we also recruited bassist and vocalist rafiq 2, the initial formation:
As Hendra Vocal 1
As Rafiq Vocal 2
As Idan Guitar 1
As Ivan Guitar 2
Budi As Bass
As Dio Drum
Formation was formed in early 2010, we made a song and tracking though the results are less satisfactory, but we continue to make a song and we also learn from the failed first song, rafiq out by the end of 2010 for personal reasons and then just left hendra we still continue, the the beginning of 2011 we made the second single, "god of the grandparent" we continue to develop our feat at that time by Jamet (burial plot) along the way we made the third single entitled "breathe his" we developed a gig again and we finally brought two song, from event to event we bring the song, at the end of 2011 ivan resigned because he wanted to find a job in the city of origin of Yogya and not long ago dio came out because I wanted the focus to enter the military academy and we were shuttling favor from bass to guitar 2, we ended up walking along jelangkung recruit jurisprudence as bass and we tried tried to recruit female voice in nanda as jelangkung but did not go according to what we thought because there are some constraints regarding time and nanda came out, meanwhile we are still looking for a replacement drummer dio and appeared firm volunteered to replace dio as a drummer in the end formed the final formation of jelangkung:
As Hendra Vocal
As Idan Guitar 1
As Budi Guitar 2
Fiqh As Bass
Teguh As Drum
Twitter: @JelangkungBlack
Booking: Fiqi : 089634543733 - Idan : 087872245226 [27C05259 - Idan]